About Us

We are a bunch of IT guys that just do not have enough time to get jobs done.

We were fed up making endless phone calls trying to find someone who was free whenever we needed to make an appointment.

No matter what service we were after, even when we found someone who was available, they usually weren’t free when we wanted them!

So we invented me:now

me:now also helps the small businesses who provide those services. Other sites over-charge them for advertising, and even devalue their services by offering discounts to customers who may never return.


This is what we believe in:

Customers should always be able to find the service they need at the time they need it.

Businesses should have a level playing field when finding new customers.

me:now will never charge you to quote, we’ll never introduce expensive “premium” subscriptions, and we’ll never devalue your service or skill.

  • Every business can try our service for free with no obligation to purchase
  • The service and advertising should be simple and unobtrusive for all
  • We offer a clear, simple and fair fee structure
  • We will not come between the business & the customer. We aren’t middle men.