Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer FAQs

Why should I register and create an account?

  • You can follow your favourite businesses
  • You can decide when you want to be notified that your favourite business has slots available. Instead of calling that hairdresser, or plumber, or gardener, or restaurant, or whatever other great business you are looking for… we’ll let you know when they are free
  • If you run a business, register with me:now and let customers know when you are available. See the How do I register my business? section below for full details

How do I login?

  • Download and install the mobile app for your device (App Store & Google Play links below)
  • Sign in with your Facebook account, or;
  • Use the register button to create an account using your email

Forgotten password?

  • Hit the Forgot your password? link on the login page
  • Enter your email address and tap Submit
  • An email with a password reset link will be sent
  • Create a new password
  • Log back in to me:now

How do I get notified when a favourite business has availability?

  • From the menu, go to My Favourites
  • Press Add New Favourites
  • Start typing the name of the business you’re looking for and all that match will be listed for you to select
  • Pressing the star will add the business to your favourites
  • Adding a business to your favourites enables notifications automatically, so sit back and wait for them to tell you when they’re available

How do I manage my notifications?

  • Go to My Favourites
  • Find the business you want to manage
  • To no longer receive notifications when this business has availability, use the slider to the left. The business will continue to remain in your favourites list but you won’t get notifications any more
  • To delete the business simply press the trashcan icon

Viewing missed notifications?

  • From the menu, go to My Notifications
  • A list of notifications is shown along with when they posted
  • Press to see the details or use the big X to delete

Business FAQs

How do I register my business?

  • Download and install the mobile app for your device (App Store & Google Play links below)
  • Sign in with your Facebook account, or;
  • Use the register button to create an account using your email
  • From the menu, go to My Account
  • Tap Register A Business
  • Enter your business details in the relevant fields
  • Add all the services that your business provides. Start typing the service names and all those that match will be listed for you to select. Repeat this process until you have all of the services you provide. If you add more services at a later date you can add them via the My Account page

Top Tips

  • Don’t forget to add review websites in the additional links fields so that you can show your customers how great you are
  • Make sure you select the way you want to be contacted by your customers so that they can get in touch with you easily
  • Upload your business logo to really personalise your page

Please note: As part of the registration process for me:now a credit card number is taken for validation purposes only. No payment will be taken unless you upgrade to the subscription service.

  • If any of these details need to be amended, go to My Account and press Edit My Business to change them.

How do I manage my open listings?

  • Go to My Listings
  • All of the listings you’ve created will be shown. Don’t forget to scroll down the page to see them all
  • If a customer has filled your available appointment you can delete the listing by selecting the trashcan icon and it will be removed

Please note: You can’t edit a listing once it has been published

How many listings have I used?

  • Go to My Listings
  • Directly under the Add Availability button you’ll see a counter that shows how many of your monthly allocation have been used
  • Free users get 5 listings a month. Subscribed users get 30 listings a month <subscribe here>

Please note: The monthly allocation of adverts is renewed on the first day of the month

How can I get more listings?

How can I share my availability to social media?

  • Once you’ve created and published an advert you’ll be prompted to share it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Please note: Currently, we are using a generic image during our testing which is posted alongside your listing. We will be offering the facility to upload your own image very soon.

How do I suggest a service which is not currently listed?

  • From the menu, go to My Account
  • Tap Edit Business
  • Scroll down and type the service in the Add Services field
  • Tap Add Service and a message will ask if you would to submit this new service
  • Hit Submit and the me:now team will review it and get back to you