How to start using me:now

It's pretty straightforward...

me:now for customers

To get the most out of the me:now app, create an account or connect via Facebook.

Why do you need an account?

Well, with an account you can save your favourite businesses and turn notifications on/off so that you find out when they are available. You can also register a business with your account.

You can use me:now without an account, but you'll only be able to see businesses by when they are available. No favourites, no notifications, no business registration.

Jump to registering a business.

Find what you need

Searching for a business is easy

  1. Type the service you're looking for into the search box
  2. Use your current location or type in the location you need
  3. Select your radius - the further out you go, the more businesses will be displayed
  4. Select when you need them
  5. Press search

We're very new and are still reaching out to businesses to get them registered. If you have a favourite business and want to know when they have available slots, then tell them about me:now.

My favourites

Talking of favourites, me:now allows you to follow your favourite businesses. These could be the ones that you use on a regular basis or maybe a place that someone has recommended and you want to receive a notification when they post their availability.

  • Hit the menu button & select My Favourites
  • Then press Add New Favourites
  • Type the name of the business you want to add.
  • If the name is listed then press Search. If you can't find them now is a great time to give them a nudge  😉
    • There may be more than one business with the same name, so we list them with their address
  • Select the one you want and click on the star icon to add them to your list
  • Go back to My Favourites and you'll see that the business is now in your list and by default the notification slider is on
  • You'll now be notified when the business lists an appointment - you can slide the notification to off if you don't need the service just yet

Notify me

What if you miss a notification? They're kept in the My Notifications section and you can read/delete these as necessary.

me:now for business owners

Great! You've created an account - registering your business is just a small step away.

(Even if you sign up for the free plan, we still need to take your credit card number for validation purposes - you won't be charged.)

IMPORTANT: Remember to let your existing customers know that you're on me:now so that they can follow you and be notified when you're available.

Registering a business

We've tried to make this as simple as possible.

  • Menu - My Account
  • Register a Business
  • Pick a plan. Remember the highlighted section above↑↑
  • Enter your business details
    • Remember to include your website and any review sites that you're a member of
    • Services: This is how your customers will search for you so enter all the services you offer
  • Enter your credit card details and you're all set

My first listing

You're almost there.

  • Menu - My Listings
  • Add Availability
  • Select which service you're offering - it may be all of them
  • Add a short title and then a more detailed description
    • Note: after you've done your first listing you can clone it over and over - because you probably do the same kind of thing each day.
  • You can select your location - you may be at a fixed location or if you're mobile you can use where you will be working, to get more work in the same area and save on petrol. (we just keep giving don't we?)
  • Select the date, time and duration of the appointment you have
  • Review & publish. (if you need to make an amendment the pencil icon will let you change the listing before publishing)
  • Publish - You've done it.

Your listing can be viewed for a maximum of six days before your availability and is no longer visible after the end of the appointment time.

Social sharing

You can share your listing on your Facebook business page or via your Twitter account. We're limited to using generic photos at the moment when sharing on Facebook but very soon you'll be able to upload your own photos.

Why share to Facebook? Those recommendations that people look for on Facebook can now come with your listing as to when you're available.

Will you be the first person they call because they can see when you're free?

Register now and change the way you advertise forever.