Just HOW does me:now work?

The me:now app advertises when you are available. By alerting your customers when you can fit them in, you are more likely to fill diary slots or cancellations

Whether you are a hairdresser, a physio or even a dog groomer, customers using the me:now app can add you to their favourites list.

When they favourite a business they are choosing to receive a phone notification when the business says it has a free slot.

Filling more of your diary means you are earning more money.

How much extra could you earn with me:now?


Here are a few examples of how me:now changes things for customers and small businesses:


Then: A stylist doesn’t have a booking for Thursday at 2pm. They could start ringing customers on a waiting list or hope that someone phones and wants that specific time. If the slot isn’t filled then the stylist isn’t earning any money.

Now: The stylist can now list the appointment on the me:now app. All existing customers using me:now who have the salon in their favourite list will receive a notification on their phone that the stylist has a free slot.


Then: A customer cancels an appointment, so the physiotherapist now earns nothing. They’re reliant on an existing customer calling within a very short period of time to fill the slot.

Now: They can now list the appointment on the me:now app. All existing customers using me:now will receive a notification on their phone if they are following the physio on the app. The listing is also shared on Facebook and Twitter, telling an even wider audience that the physiotherapist is available.

Dog groomer:

Then: Customers call to find a gap in the groomer’s diary. The dog groomer has to offer to pick up or drop off dogs to help the customer deal with a lack of time. The groomer isn’t earning anything while taxiing dogs to and from the customer.

Now: The dog groomer can list available appointments on the me:now app. Customers can then pick times to suit them. The groomer no longer has to offer collection/drop-off and can add more appointments, giving customers even more choice.