Just HOW does me:now work?

The me:now app advertises when you are available. By alerting your customers when you can fit them in, you are more likely to fill diary slots or cancellations

Whether you are a hairdresser, a physio or even a dog groomer, customers using the me:now app can add you to their favourites list.

When they favourite a business they are choosing to receive a phone notification when the business says it has a free slot.

Filling more of your diary means you are earning more money.

How much extra could you earn with me:now?


Here are a few examples of how me:now changes things for customers and small businesses:

Then: A stylist doesn’t have a booking for Thursday at 2pm. They could start ringing customers on a waiting list or hope that someone phones and wants that specific time. If the slot isn’t filled then the stylist isn’t earning any money.

Now: The stylist can now list the appointment on the me:now app. All existing customers using me:now who have the salon in their favourite list will receive a notification on their phone that the stylist has a free slot.