Are you a victim of your own success?

Being a successful small business is fantastic.

You’re making money, filling your appointments, covering all your bills… life is good.

But there’s a negative side.  Customers will only wait so long for an appointment with you – if you’re too busy they’ll go elsewhere. If that happens, your business no longer has the demand, which means you start to feel the impact of cancellations and no-shows.

Your successful business plateaus and this is when we see the biggest negative: failing to act on being successful.

The numbers

menow success infographic

Why do we get into business in the first place if we have no plans to grow it?

This makes for dour reading. So what needs to change?

The small business owner is the most time constrained in the country, as we have said on other blog posts, they’re trying to do everything related to their business.

Further information is a starting point, but it takes up precious time and if they do go looking… where do they go?

What do we need to be successful?

what do small businesses need for success infographicA

All of this is all available in the UK right now.

The information, the financial advice and the business mentoring… they all exist.


It’s fragmented. It takes time to find the right people and get the right advice. Often it’s not local and it takes a lot of effort to find ‘free’ courses on the internet.

If we’re to change this feeling among small business owners, there needs to be a true champion.

One that is there to help unconditionally, without restriction or inflated membership fees. One that has the ear of government and one that can bring all these fragmented elements together.

Most importantly, there has to be a champion that is focused on the needs and requirements of the 4.5million sole traders in this country.

Because when the small business is successful… we all benefit.

If you think this is the right approach – what about how a business should advertise themselves. Should they do the right thing?

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