Are you sick of being asked for money

Do you feel like you’re constantly being hounded for money by charities and schools?

If so, with charity giving in decline it will only get worse.

While there are fewer ‘chuggers’ (charity muggers) on the streets, we’re bombarded by TV advertising with celebrities asking for our hard-earned cash.

I like to use a Mars bar analogy to describe them:

“I, (insert celebrity name) have 1,000 Mars Bars in my fridge.  You have one Mars Bar in your fridge. This advert is going to convince you to donate your Mars bar.”

Now, obviously the reason for using a celebrity is to highlight the issue and tell you how your money can help, what it could be spent on etc…

The one thing the charity’s advert will never do is tell you what that celebrity has done to help, or whether they were paid to film the advert.

Then there are the schools…

If you have children of school age, then you’ll also receive letters home with details of fetes, raffle tickets, quiz nights, cake sales, etc…

Schools are having to turn to the parents to fund the basics of education.

Balancing the books without the help of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA or PTFA) is near impossible for some schools.

All of this is a drain on family finances.

How can you raise funds without asking someone to dip into their purse or wallet?

It can’t be done!

Well actually it can and it is.

Raising money without asking for money

For a school PTFA or charity, the me:now affiliate program does exactly this.

  • Simply ask your supporters/parents to tell their favourite local businesses how the me:now app can help their business
    • (We’ll give you all the information you need, but basically it makes the business more money and keeps their customers informed)
  • The aim is that a business registers on the me:now app using a code unique to your school or charity
  • The business asks its existing customers to download the app and follow them

In those three steps, who did you ask for money?

The answer is, nobody. You’re raising money without asking for money.

You see, we will give you a share of our revenue generated by the businesses using your code, and we’ll do it for up to 12 months per business.

It doesn’t cost you, it doesn’t cost parents or supporters, and it doesn’t cost the business.

The only people it costs, is us.

What’s the catch? There is no catch.

Why are we doing it? Because it’s the right thing to do.

With that in mind, you’re going to want more info. Drop us an email and we’ll send you the details.



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