Be selfish. Work to your schedule, not someone else’s

Selfish? Who writes a blog about being selfish?!

Being selfish isn’t usually seen in a positive light, but we think if you look at it from a different angle, being selfish can be a good thing.

I know… it’s a tough sell, but stick with us, we’re going somewhere with this.

me:now is free to all businesses until 31st March

Disappointed? Be more selfish

Think about the last time you tried to book any type of service locally. It might have been a dental appointment, a plumber, hairdresser or even a restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Did you get that appointment when you really wanted it? Was it on the right day, at the right time for you? Or was it when they could fit you in?

How many times have you been disappointed and spent an age either ringing around, or changing the day or time when you want to use a service?

That means free advertising on me:now for a whole year.

me:now only shows you those businesses that say they are available on a day the suits you. The app tells you when the businesses you use all the time can fit you in.

So why aren’t your favourite businesses using it?

Well we know the answer to that one… we only launched last week and it is a remote possibility that all our fabulous blogs may have passed them by.

It’s really easy to find me:now on Android or iPhone.

me:now is free* to all businesses until 31st March

There is good news though. If you want to know when your favourite hairdresser/plumber/restaurant/electrician/dog groomer/physio etc… has free slots, then they can sign up to me:now and get the premium service free for a whole year*.

They get free advertising – you get notified when they can fit you in.

You might have noticed our subtle messages about me:now being free for a year*.

More info for businesses can be found here: me:now for business.


*Get me:now free for a year by registering a business on our premium tier before 31st March 2018.

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