But it’s not fair!

How many parents hear “it’s not fair” on a daily basis?

Whether the kids aren’t able to do what they want or just not being able to get their own way, it’s a mantra familiar to most households.

Did you know that Amazon in the UK has 29 different children’s books with the title It’s Not Fair?  There are 167 books with that title aimed at adults.

I wonder if adults think the world is more unfair than children.

But it’s true, there are many things in life that just aren’t fair.  This blog could very quickly turn into a massive list of all the things I see in the world that I don’t think are fair.

But we’ve done a blog about lists and those that curate them. So we don’t need to go over that again.

What do you find unfair?

I Googled “It’s unfair” and one of the news items that popped up was quite surprising.  The headline was a little misleading: Bill & Melinda Gates think it is unfair that they have so much wealth.

The actual website was Bill & Melinda Gates’ 10th Annual Letter answering 10 difficult questions put to them.  Question number eight was “Is it fair that you have so much influence?” Because they have billions of dollars, this gives them influence over those who have less.

Their answer (to simplify it) was no it’s not fair, but that they should use the influence that their wealth offers them to benefit others. Their letter is very open and an interesting read.

While we don’t have such a burden, we do feel aggrieved in our daily lives, whether at work or at home. It made me think: who has influence over us to make things fair?

My boss… my parents… ME!

The biggest influence on whether I am being treated fairly should never be someone else. If I don’t think/feel something is fair, should I not be able to say so?

I’m not saying we should throw ourselves onto the floor and have a full-on tantrum, but we should feel empowered to speak up.

That is what’s happening all over the world, people are speaking up and saying when things aren’t fair.

Where we have influence we should use it to help people highlight what is unfair and if possible make it right.

It’s not all about us

Rather than talk about how me:now levels the playing field and makes things fairer for businesses, I thought it would be better to show how we’re also trying to help in our own community.

We’re very proud to announce our sponsorship of the Tankerton FC Deaf Children’s Team. We aren’t the only business to do so, there are four of us in total.

The team was only looking for one sponsor but rather than have just one of us pay a single fee for exclusive sponsorship, all four of us have agreed to share it. In fact, not just share it, but pay the full amount four times over.

So in the spirit of being fair – please join me in applauding our fellow sponsors Bill Cordes Horticulture, Happy Paws & Interpreting Matters.

This has provided the team with four times the sponsorship, giving them the very best start.

Because it’s fair, and it’s the right thing to do.

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