Change – without it progress is impossible

Change is a funny thing. Some hate it, some embrace it and some people try to ignore it. But change is inevitable.

We’re constantly changing, whether that be as we age or as we grow as individuals. So, what is it about change that causes people to react so differently?

Change has an air of the unknown about it, and it’s this element of uncertainty that causes people to shy away from it. Not being able to see a potential outcome means that some are unwilling to start, while others approach it differently and rush in headfirst.

Negative change

In business, watching as outdated ways of working are continued can be disastrous. You quickly lose revenue to competitors who can do things faster/better or can provide added value.

It’s the easy option to continue on your given path, not embrace change or ignore the fact that you might be the one that needs to change.

Positive change

However, given that we are always changing or evolving, many people do embrace it. They see it as a chance to re-evaluate what they’re already doing. They see it as a chance to improve.

Does what we’re doing work? What about it doesn’t work? Is there a disproportionate effort required to get it to work? Is there a way to do it better?

How do we change it for the better?

By looking at what we do and challenging if it ‘just works’, we can be proactive in implementing change. We can do it in a managed way that means less risk to us or to our business. We don’t need to be afraid of it, but we can learn from it.

It just works

The inspiration for this blog comes from a 2003 Honda advert. They take parts of a car and by careful placement take us on a journey, because ‘it’s nice when things just work’. This made me think of how we often make things more complicated than they need to be and are then afraid to change them.

We take an ‘it just works’ approach to the me:now platform.

Its job is to show local businesses by their availability. It advertises their time and it notifies you when your favourite business has an open slot. That’s it really.

The app will be out in a couple of weeks – if there is any bit of it that you think doesn’t ‘just work’ let us know – we quite like change.

Here’s that hypnotic Honda advert.


And there was no CGI used; this is how they did it…  Making the Honda Cog Advert

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