Choosing the right social media for your business

Advertising when you’re a small business is hit and miss at best. Especially on social media.

We’ve written previously about how all businesses need to take an active part in marketing themselves.

It’s time to change

The days of putting out a static advert and hoping people will flock to you are gone.

What is a static advert? It’s something that simply says who you are and what you do. You might even have a ‘special offer’ on it. It’s the digital equivalent of an A-frame chalkboard outside a shop.

As a small business owner, you might not know about SEO, Adwords or PPC. If you do, you probably don’t have the time to spend doing it properly or the cash to splash out on paying someone who can.

In that case, it’s likely that any online advertising you do will be static.

But what about social media? Nearly everyone uses social – but which platforms do you spend time on, and why?

Think about which social media platforms your customers use. It’s not about your favourite, it’s about theirs.

Just who are your customers?

Thinking about who your customers are will help you at least target the right people on the right platform.

If your customers are teenagers then Snapchat might be for you, if they’re 30-40 housewives then maybe it’s Facebook.

If your customers aren’t on your platform of choice, you might as well be singing to an empty theatre.

Using the right platform is half the battle.

Pew has some great data on US social media users, while the PR and communications company We are Flint has done research on both the US and UK social media demographics.

Now you need to get them interested – let them know that you have something that sets you apart from everyone else. If who you are and what you do is all you have, it’s just another static advert.

But what else is there to say…..?

Well, you could always use the me:now app and add the element of time.

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