What are you really looking for?

So, you want to find a local business?

It might be a hairdresser, a plumber or even a dog groomer. The problem is always the same no matter what you’re looking for or where you look.

When are they available?

Find a local business

You might do a search, or ask a friend for a recommendation. Let’s face it, you can even ask relative strangers on Facebook for recommendations. No matter the route you take though, the next thing most people do is the same: start calling the first person on the search page or at the top of several recommendations. And there lies the problem.

The people often recommended first or listed first are the busiest, because they are first on the list. You call the next one and then the next… just like everyone else. So much for the customer being king.

What you are really looking for is a business that can do what you want them to do, at a time that suits you.


It’s time to do things differently.


We think that WHEN a business has the time to do what they do, is just as important as what they do. Even the busiest of companies has cancellations or slow days, everyone does. The me:now app tells you when this happens.

You can search for a type of business on the me:now app and pick which day suits you. You will then be shown only those businesses that say they are available on that day.


when you want them

What if you want to wait for your favourite hairdresser or dog groomer? You want to use them again because you have had a great service, right? Well, you can follow a business on the me:now app and be alerted to when they are available.


Summing Up.

  • Search for a business that is available at a time/day that suits you
  • Follow a favourite business & be notified when they have a slot free.

Now that’s so much easier.



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Find what you need...

Where you want it...

When you want it...

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