How much are you missing out?

FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is an interesting concept. It’s where we get worried that someone else is having a rewarding experience that doesn’t include us.

If you run your own business, this could be translated as a regular customer using a competitor.

You might be fearful of that happening, but if you aren’t available when your customer wants you, then why shouldn’t they go elsewhere?

When they’re paying your competitor, then you are missing out.

It’s not us… it’s you.

Think about your business. In a standard 28-day working month (average of 6 days a week) there are 192 hourly appointments. How many of yours went unfilled last month?

On average how much is one of those appointments worth to you? £50, £75 or even £100?

The free tier on the me:now app gives you five adverts a month and alerts your customers when you are free.

How much more would you have made if you filled five extra slots/appointments last month? £250, £375 or maybe even £500?

You’d like that sort of extra money coming in every month, wouldn’t you?

Want to know just how much extra me:now could be bringing you in? Try out the slider on the how it works page and see for yourself.

So what’s stopping you?

Usually time constraints, fear of the unknown or even that feeling of that there has to be catch, right?

But there is no catch.

  • Download the app from your app store (10 seconds as the links are below)
  • Login with Facebook or use an email address (20 seconds)
  • Register your business details (60-90 seconds)
  • Create your first ad (60 seconds)

That’s just three minutes of your time, and you haven’t had to enter any credit card details because you’re using the free tier.

Now all you have to do is:

  • Tell your customers to download the app, create an account and follow your business (that will take them about 60 seconds).

And because it’s Christmas…

If it takes you longer than four minutes to do points 1-4 above (on the free tier) – we’ll give you a free month on the premium tier.

Email us your business name on, tell us how long it took and we’ll email you back with a code.

Now, what’s really stopping you?

Merry Christmas from all of us at me:now




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