Launching our new 40% affiliate scheme with SSAFA – the Armed Forces charity

If you’ve followed me:now and our way of doing business, you’ll know that fairness is a big part of our DNA.

One of the reasons we created me:now is because small businesses need a level playing field.

That sense of fairness should extend to wider society too, but there are still those who need help, and that’s where charity comes in.

We’re proud to announce an affiliate plan we’ve launched with SSAFA – the Armed Forces Charity.

It’s an affiliate plan unlike any other. Normal affiliation schemes are limited to a one-off payment of a tiny fraction of a sale.

But we’re not normal

We do things differently, so we’re going to give SSAFA 40% of the fees paid by any business that signs up to our premium service using the code SSAFA.

And we’re going to do that every month for a year.

Not only that, but the small businesses that sign up to our premium service using the code SSAFA will get two months for free.

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, provides lifelong support to anyone who is currently serving or has ever served in the forces, and their families. This includes both regulars and reserves.

Charitable giving shouldn’t be restrictive, and we hope to make a real difference to this important charity without it costing our customers anything extra.

In recent years, the number of people in the UK who regularly give to charity has declined.

Various reasons have been given, including a loss of trust in charities, a lack of time, and donor fatigue (giving too much, too often). Think about how often someone in your workplace, or on Facebook, ask for donations to a cause. It would be impossible for most people to give to every charity they encounter.

But if giving to charity doesn’t actually cost you anything, then it becomes a different proposition entirely.

We believe businesses should do more to help charity, which is why our affiliate scheme doesn’t cost anything to app users or take money from the pockets of our business users.

That 40% we talked about comes directly from me:now

So, if you or anyone you know want to boost your business while also helping an amazing cause, download the me:now app on Android or iPhone and sign up using the code SSAFA.

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