Is doing the right thing a new thing?

England made the semi-finals of the World Cup, and that’s a huge achievement.

It’s not just our team performance that has stood out, but individual progress too.

Just look at England manager Gareth Southgate and his methods. He’s come a long way since his penalty miss in 1996.

It’s the small things that stand out.

The first thing that people notice about Gareth on the touchline is his appearance. He’s smart, especially in his waistcoat, and he has the air of someone who’s proud to be managing the national team.

In interviews and press conferences his responses to questions are considered, and when he speaks each answer is measured. He’s under no illusion as to the scale of the task ahead of him and his team. He knows that every word could (and possibly will) be used against him at some time in the future. Yet he is not defensive, he has a positive attitude while not being arrogant. He’s quick to praise his opposition and sing their strengths as individuals and as a team.

He’s seen to do the right thing and most of all he is honest. Not the best conductor though  🙂


Is it the same when it comes to advertising?

Can we say the same when it comes to how businesses advertise to their customers? The bigger the company, the larger the advertising budget, and it seems the more we are targeted.

No matter what medium we use, these adverts are being thrust at us. We have little control over what we see.

All adverts have a call to action on them, where the point is  to get your attention and command you to do something.

GO HERE, BUY THAT and most of all DO IT NOW!

Ever notice how TV adverts are louder than the actual programme you’re watching? The first thing you reach for isn’t your wallet, but the remote control to turn down the sound… but it got your attention!  😐

The right way

What if advertising was fair and done the right way? What if you pulled these adverts to you, rather than being bombarded by them?

After all, you know what you want, or even which business you want to use. Most importantly, you know when you want to use them – you would decide when you’re told that a business or service is available.

Best of all this should be free for you and should cost the business as little as possible. The more expensive advertising is, the higher the cost that is passed onto us… the customer.

That would be the right way to do it, wouldn’t it?

Well, we agree.. so that’s exactly how we do it.

Our call to action

Tell your favourite local businesses, the ones that you use over and over again, to download the me:now app from their friendly neighbourhood app store and give them this code.  FBCUS01

It will give them two months of our premier tier for free. We couldn’t be fairer than that, could we?

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