Is your business struggling post-lockdown? Our app can help.

If you thought cancellations/no-shows were an issue before lockdown, post-lockdown is going to be hell.

Any business that relied on walk-in trade to fill gaps caused by cancellations is going to have problems, but the hair, beauty and restaurant industries are going to suffer the most.

Providing adequate social distancing immediately impacts the number of customers they can deal with, which in turn means income is going to be reduced.

Add to this the increased chance of last-minute cancellations, possibly due to track and trace, and things are going to be tough.

It’s not all doom and gloom

This very problem is being discussed on hairdressing, beauty and restaurant Facebook groups now.

These issues will hit the smaller businesses the hardest, and they know it. But at least they’re talking about how to address it.

Communication with customers is key. Letting them know that you can fit them in (even last minute) will help.

This is the very reason the

was designed. It tells your customers (who are following you on the app) that you have space for them.

The notifications go straight to their phone. We handle who gets the notifications – you deal with the interested customers and book them in.


Use the code LOCKDOWN when you register your business and we’ll give you the premium tier (30 notifications) free for three months to help you get through the next 12 weeks. No strings. You can cancel whenever you want. You won’t get charged.

If you’re already on our free tier (five notifications) we’ll increase you to 30 from the 4th July for three months.

Once you register, tell your customers to follow your business on the app and they’ll get your notifications whenever you post that you have a gap available. It really is that simple.

Find out more about the app on our homepage. Message us on Facebook or email us at if you have any questions.


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Is your business struggling post-lockdown? Our app can help.


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