me:now US is going back to school

Schools of all sizes are finding that pressures on budgets mean they need to come up with new ways to raise much-needed funds.

So, with the summer break over, we have decided that the me:now affiliate scheme is now open to schools as well as local charities.

Most affiliate schemes are limited to a one-off payment of a tiny fraction of a sale and there may even be a charge to join them.

But this isn’t just any affiliate scheme.

Doing things the right way from the beginning

The me:now app was built to help small businesses advertise when they can fit their customers in and parents are their customers. The app sends an alert to customers (who choose to receive them) notifying them of last-minute appointments or slots being available. It could be your physiotherapist, hairdresser, beautician or even your favorite restaurant.

Basically we help them stay in business by filling their diaries.

That’s great for the business but how does that help the school?

We’ll give schools everything they need to tell parents about me:now. Parents can then pass this onto their favorite local businesses.

When the business signs up to me:now using the school’s unique code, we’ll give them two months of our premium tier for free.

If the business continues to use the premium tier after the free period, we will donate 40% of their subscription back to the school… and we’ll do that for each month that they continue to use the premium tier*.

So how much will the school get?

If a school gets just 10 businesses a month signing up with their unique code – we could donate $30,000+ over two years.

That’s $30,000 for helping local small businesses stay in business, and helping customers know when these businesses can fit them in.

A school can do a lot with that kind of money.

But hurry…

This beta promotion has just 500 slots available, so if you want to be one of the first to use this innovative program to raise money for your school, act now!

If your child goes to a school that is looking to raise funds, then ask their principal or Head of the PTA to drop us an email here and we’ll send them the details.

Want to see how the me:now affiliate program works? Learn more.

*up to a maximum of 12 months per business

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