School funding cuts are affecting YOUR child’s education

Over the past few months, there has been a surge in reports relating to school funding cuts across the country.

A recent BBC Radio 4 interview with head teacher Nigel Attwood of Bellfield Junior School in Birmingham, highlighted the extent that cuts to the education budget are having on the pupils at the school.

Bellfield received £1.3m from the local authority this year and between 76-78% of this was spent on staffing costs and wages. That leaves about £300,000 for everything else.

It’s a school of 286 pupils, on absolute minimum staffing levels and where £100,000 a year is spent on pastoral care alone. The government partially funding the 2.75% teachers’ pay increase makes the situation worse (only funding the .75% part).

That £300k is running very, very low.

This isn’t an isolated incident – if you have a child attending school, then there is a 90% chance that your school is having funding problems too, no matter where you are in the country.

It’s is impacting YOUR child’s education.

We want to help – the me:now Schools Affiliate Program was created to give back to schools.

By asking parents to introduce the me:now app to their favourite small businesses, the school can directly benefit.

We give the school 40% of any revenue from those introductions and will do it for each month* that the business is on our premium tier.

If your child’s school is struggling and affecting your child’s education, then let your school office/headteacher or PTA know about me:now and ask them to get in touch with us:

BBC Radio 4 -Birmingham headteacher: ‘Funding takes us back to 2009 figures’

*up to 12 months per business

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