How much do you put up with at Christmas?

It’s quite a strange question, but how much do we put up with just because it’s Christmas?

We put up with having hoards of people over for dinner, we put up with food we don’t like and maybe (just maybe) we tolerate people that we possibly wouldn’t so easily do at other times of the year.

Why do we do it?

Because it’s Christmas? Because it’s tradition? Or because we’re just more tolerant at this time of the year?


When you have a proper think about it though, it’s not just Christmas – we put up with plenty of things throughout the year, too.

Let me give you some examples of what I (or my family) have had to put up with this year:

We’ve waited for:

  • Builders to quote
  • A hair appointment to become available
  • Dog to be groomed (x 2 dogs)
  • Dentists
  • Doctor
  • Physiotherapist
  • Decorator
  • Boiler to be serviced
  • Alarm system to be checked/repaired
  • Car to be serviced

I put up with waiting – a lot.

Throughout the year how many times have you had to wait for any one of the above to be available? How many times have you had to change your schedule to fit in one of those businesses (and the many many others that we wait for).

Why do we put up with it?

I know when I’m at home because I have a day off, or I’ve arranged to work from home, so why can’t I find someone to fit with me?

Why am I still putting up with it? It’s impractical to book most things in advance, so what’s the solution?

The glass slipper is on the on the other foot

Well, there’s another side to this story. (Oh no there isn’t!)… sorry – panto season got to me.

But there actually is: the business owners. What are they having to put up with?

Imagine a situation where you’ve booked in advance and the business owner has you in their diary. However, you forget the appointment or have to cancel at the last minute because something else has come up – which is highly likely because it was booked so long ago. That’s not much fun for them.

The business owners put up with no-shows or last-minute cancellations, which are a nightmare to fill. Some businesses have even started taking deposits from customers to reduce the financial impact of them not showing up.

For a small business that impact of a cancellation can be huge.

An average small business has 48 appointments a week.

If each appointment is worth £50 in revenue and five are lost to last minute cancellations, that’s £13,000 a year lost. For a restaurant that’s doubled as there are usually two people eating.

It’s time to stop

I’m not putting up with any more, and the great thing is, neither do you or the small business owner. me:now will help you find those small businesses that say they’re available, and it helps them find the right customer. You!

You’re the right customer because you want to use their service when they’re available.

You’ll save time and the small business owner will save time and money.

If you have a favourite business that can use me:now to fill their last-minute cancellations or you want them to notify you when they have a free slot. Then we would like to hear from them.

Merry Christmas

I had a conversation with my son last weekend about the magic of Christmas. He was watching a  cheesy Christmas movie and the ‘magic of Christmas’ was mentioned. He wanted to know what it is.

My response: The magic of Christmas is something personal. It’s a time when Christians remember the birth of Jesus and how magical it was that God gave his only son, it was once (long before Jesus) used to celebrate the winter solstice. To me, the magic of Christmas is that for a brief time in the year we think of others. We think of family and friends and we give gifts & cards. We think of people less fortunate than ourselves, the homeless or poor. Most of all for me, its that we think less of ourselves and focus on others.

From all the team developing me:now  we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.



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