Take control – don’t let Brexit fears hijack your business

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No matter which side of the debate you’re on, the one thing that everyone can agree on about Brexit is that it’s generating a lot of fear and uncertainty.

For Leave voters, there’s a fear that the country will never part ways with the EU.

For Remain voters, the fear is of what might happen if/when the divorce goes through, and what kind of deal we have.

Business owners are fearful of what will happen to their livelihoods, and whether Brexit and the conditions surrounding it will help or hinder their income.

While it’s true that some SMEs will be affected by Brexit, others will be given fresh opportunities.

However, for the last year, many businesses have been frozen – fearful of making any decision that might have a negative impact once we know what Brexit looks like.

For small business owners, the feeling is that – no matter what happens – they have no control.

But that’s not necessarily the case.

Leave or Remain, boilers need fixing.

Deal or no deal, people need haircuts.

In or out, dogs get smelly and shaggy and need to be groomed.

No matter what happens, life will go on, and there are some things that will always need to be done.

That’s where you come in.

Whoever the UK has trade deals with, your customers need you and your services. You control your destiny. You’re in charge.

Take steps now to make sure your customer base knows you’re ready and willing to carry on with business as usual.

Sign up to the me:now app and then let your customers know you’re on there.

me:now is totally free, but there’s a premium tier if you want to use it more than five times a month.

When you have an empty slot in your diary, you can ping out an alert to all your customers letting them know they can snap it up – me:now will even send out the notice to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

And don’t worry about being spammy. We’re all about giving control, and your customers decide when they do and don’t get your alerts using a simple on/off toggle.

That means you’re not pushing the alerts out – customers are pulling them in. And that means me:now is GDPR proof.

Try out me:now on Android and Apple and take control of your calendar. Fill those empty diary gaps, make more money and spend a little less time worrying about Brexit.

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