The me:now app arrives in the United States

The me:now app has arrived in the United States.

After successfully running in the UK for the last year, the time has come to give small businesses in the US the help they deserve.

By helping small business owners advertise when they’re available, the app cuts down on time wasted by ringing through cancellation lists and pursuing potential customers.

me:now is the world’s first time-based marketing platform allows your business to advertise not just what you do, but when you’re available to do it.

That means you can reach new and existing customers who want your service, at a particular time, in the geographic area you cover.

How does it work?

Customers who follow your business will receive notifications on their phone when you have a slot you want to fill. You can then also share ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For example, imagine you have a landscaping business and a client cancels. Using me:now, you can send out an alert to everyone who follows your business in just six seconds. Where traditional advertising hits everyone (whether they’re interested in your service or not), me:now means you’re more likely to fill that diary gap because you’re reaching folk already interested in what you do. You can do all this directly from your iOS or Android phone.

me:now is totally free for your customers to use, and we don’t take one cent of commission.

Why are we doing this?

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy, but they don’t get the support they need. We want to help everyone make more money and be the biggest success they can be.

We know that when you’re not working, you’re not earning.

Download the free app now for Android and iOS.


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