At 50 years old I find myself still learning.

They say it’s never too late to learn, well over the last couple of weeks, I have found myself back at school, and I’ve been learning a lot.

I’m 50 years old and still learning… the lessons I have been taught have come from multiple schools, and not just from some wonderful teachers.

What I have learned recently is that it is increasingly difficult for schools to maintain a level of education with funding that is below that of 2008.

I’ve learnt how repairs and upgrades are put to one side and  how complicated it is to bid for money to provide educational facilities.

I’ve learnt how hard our teachers and school staff are working because their school can’t afford to hire anyone else.

But, I’ve also seen how parents and teachers are working together to overcome those challenges.

I’ve seen how PTFA groups strive to raise funds for projects that they know will help with their children’s’ education.

Never, ever… underestimate the power of an engaged parent.

I come away from each school, knowing that our me:now schools programme will help them raise much-needed funds, and they aren’t shy in telling me exactly where they intend to spend it.

Our schools program also means that parents & staff are building connections between the school and local small businesses via the me:now app.

Every school I visit is different, and every one of them has its own lesson to teach me.

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