Trust and Advertising. Do you trust online adverts?

so many adverts

Who do you trust?

Wherever we go online there are adverts of all shapes and sizes.

They are on Amazon, Facebook and even on some of the more high profile brand sites.

Given that a lot of such advertising is linked to your searches, do you trust what they are advertising?

Are you nervous when you see adverts in unexpected places, for the very items that you have been searching for on Amazon?


Well you are not alone it seems in declining trust… if you ‘trust’ Gallup  and YouGov polls

YouGov suggests as high as 65% of post graduates don’t trust what they see with regards to online advertising, while Gallup highlights confidence in American institutions is near an all time low of 32%.

If we are less trustworthy of online advertising, and have even less confidence in major institutions..where does that leave the small business owner?

These businesses that consist of one person providing cleaning, plumbing or gardening services.

Do we trust that they will do the job that they advertise?

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