Waiting lists – how long is waiting too long?

Waiting for the dentist

Waiting lists – how long is too long?

Have you ever tried to book an appointment somewhere only to be told: “We don’t have any free bookings right now, but would you like to go on our waiting list?”

Do you just answer ‘yes’ or do you question the mere existence of such a list? How many other people are on the waiting list, who manages it, how will I be contacted or what happens if I don’t take the appointment that I am offered? Do I go to the back of the queue?

Maybe there isn’t an actual list, maybe you’re just a name with a star next to it because you’re willing to take a cancellation..

This happened to me not so long ago, at the dentist. Now, I had heard of waiting lists for restaurants, even hair salons but the dentist? Well it wasn’t actually the dentist rather the dental hygienist, had it been the dentist and I was in pain then I would have camped outside to get an appointment.

As it was, I’d not had a reason to visit the dentist in some time and thought it was about time to give my teeth some TLC. Due to my lack of attendance the hygienist was recommended but there were no appointments in the next couple of weeks, so I was asked if I’d take a cancellation.

I said I would and was fortunate to receive a call the next day asking if I could attend the same day in a few short hours. Unfortunately, I was in London on business and wouldn’t be able to make it in time. I didn’t hear from the dentists’ receptionist again.

So what happened to my place on the waiting/cancellation list? Was I simply forgotten or did I go to the bottom of the list forever? Well I’m not about to change my dentist because of such a minor faux pas but could the same be said of a restaurant or hairdresser who treated you that way?

There must be a better way?

What if there was an app that lets you know when the businesses you love are available, like that restaurant you have been struggling to get a table at for months has a last minute cancellation, or your hairdresser is offering a discount. What if this app covered all manner of industries not just one?

Well this will soon be a reality, keep watching www.menow.co.uk for more updates or register your interest if you run a business that could benefit from such a service

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