You’re lazy, you moan too much and you can’t be bothered

Welcome to the new way to reach the British public.

GoCompare has recently launched a new product called WeFlip. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and will ‘flip’ you to a cheaper energy supplier if they identify savings of £50 or more.

Your involvement? None.

WeFlip will take care of it for you.

You might ask why they’d do this for you… but you probably won’t. In fact, GoCompare/WeFlip are pretty much counting on you not asking.

The GoCompare/WeFlip service will only move you onto suppliers that they have a commercial arrangement with (so, the ones that pay them). And that doesn’t include variable-rate tariffs. You know, the cheaper ones.

It might not be the ‘best’ deal for you, but you can bet it’s good for GoCompare’s bottom line.

But hey, what do we care if the energy supplier charges us a little more to cover the cost of the GoCompare/WeFlip deal? As long as we get a better deal, right?

It’s true… if we did this ourselves or used a site like to find what other options out there, then we could potentially save even more money. (other sites are available)

But why would we bother to do that?

We’re lazy. We moan about issues like high utility bills, but few seem to do anything about it.

Especially, it would seem, if you’re from up North. You see, when you want to show that someine is lazy or can’t be bothered, a Northern accent works so much better than a Southern one.

Because that’s how Northerners are right? *Dons cloth cap and gets lead ont’ whippet.*

Suitably offended yet?

You think it’s me suggesting that Northerners are lazy, can’t-be-arsed moaners? Oh no!

I’m from up North. I was born in Liverpool and grew up in Cheshire, which is probably why I hate the first seven seconds of the GoCompare/WeFlip advert so much.

I honestly can’t get past the first 7-8 seconds of this.

See what I mean?

Is there any truth to this type of marketing?

Are we actually like this ? Am I wrong to feel annoyed?

Whether we’re a customer or a business owner, when we identify a problem like ‘my bills are too high’ or ‘I can’t attract more customers’ do we really just moan, rather than do something about it?

Are we that stuck in a convenience lifestyle, that we would do nothing and pay more, or even watch our business go down the toilet, rather than fix the problem?

Is that really who the British people have become?

I’ve met so many people all over the country since we started me:now. People who run small businesses as well as their customers. They’re hardworking people who are innovative and approaching an uncertain 2019 with positivity and enthusiasm.

They’re people who know that doing business is about communication, building a customer base who want to be rewarded for their loyalty, and most of all giving and receiving great service.  They’re people who work hard to get on in life.

I’ve yet to come across anyone that fits the picture that GoCompare/WeFlip portray.

I’d never thought that I would see an advert on TV suggesting I buy into a product because I’m lazy and I can’t be bothered to do something for myself.

If you own a small business and actually do care, download the me:now app and start using it for free.

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